117 Lottery Tips to Win

Anybody who has ever played the lottery, no matter where they are located on the globe, has probably thought about how they would spend their winnings.

It was then that I realized I had. This was before I started to win lotteries. Now that I have won, I want to share some Lottery Winning Tips.

These are just 117 tips that will help you achieve your goal of independence from the rat-race.

Tip 1: Don't play the lottery just because you want to. This may sound obvious, but it is surprising at how many people I meet who have only played the lottery once and then wonder why they didn't win. It is important to create a plan and follow it. It doesn't matter if it is once a week, twice a week, or twice a month.

Tip 2: Don't play only on known days. If you only play on Saturdays (UK lotto), you will need to share any rewards with more people. I recommend you speak with your local lotto shop to find out the calmest days.

Tip 3: Do not play lottery games that are produced on a computer. Only play real lottery games. The most well-known pingpong balls are those that are drawn from a drum.

Tip 4: Should you buy tickets from a "Fortunate" shop? Karma is not a factor in this. If shops advertise that they have won a lot of lottery winners, it is a sign that they are busy.

Tip 117: Make your Lottery Tickets Secure. What does secure mean? On the off chance you don't want to lose your winning ticket(s), make sure you take a photo of your tickets and then store them in a safe place. Each ticket should bear your name. Include the words "ticket owner"

Now I am aware that you may have known some, if certainly all of my five winning lottery tips. This is because they actually work!

Although it may sound absurd, I assure you that I am not being facetious. These tips are almost free and will allow you to increase your lottery rewards. If you want to increase your lottery winnings by ten times, you can use a Lottery Winning System. There are many of them. You should avoid the ones who promise to pick the winning numbers.