Five Tips to Win Keno - Simple Tricks for Success

There is a good chance that someone has told you, if Keno is something you enjoy, that it's purely a game for luck and there is no way to win.

Although this is true in some cases, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of winning. A plan is better than playing. It can make the difference between winning or losing.

Set realistic expectations

Many players aim for the stars because the Keno jackpots can be very lucrative (the Mega Jackpot at Casino.Net is EUR50,000). Although this is a great idea, it may not be possible for you to qualify for such a huge win due to your bankroll.

Your win goals should be based on what you are able to afford to play each day. To avoid losing too much, keep your expectations realistic.

Bet Smart

This is the most important part in Keno. You may be thinking that I already know this. Many players believe they can get huge payouts by betting straight tickets. Playing a maximum number of numbers is your best bet for big wins at Keno.

However, if your bankroll prohibits you from playing a lot of numbers, then see the first tip.

Be realistic about your limits

Keno players need to know the most important rule: Limit your play so that you can win.

Even though many Keno bets have small odds of winning, you can still bet more than you intended with some near-wins. Before you start your Keno game, set your spending limits and follow them. Remember that you will lose next time if your Keno spending limit is exceeded.

Select Numbers Quickly

Keno players often spend too much time picking numbers. While the numbers are an important part of winning Keno (and the most important thing about it), the numbers are chosen randomly. There is no way to predict what the drawn numbers will look like.

You can pick numbers quickly using a simple strategy, no matter if they are important to you, your favorite numbers or numbers that were chosen randomly. You should pick them quickly. You could lose your round of betting if you take too long picking your Keno numbers.

Embrace Change

Some Keno players use the same numbers round after round. It is believed that numbers drawn after a round are not yet drawn will be more likely to be drawn in the next round.

This belief is false and it is not a good way to play Keno. It is possible to keep the same numbers for several rounds but then change them later because the numbers are randomly chosen. winning at keno 3 crucial tips