A little history about the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker, the biggest and most prestigious event in poker, is undoubtedly the best. The WSOP has been around so long that its history is muddled by popularity. People forget how amazing it was in its early days. Over the years, many people have tried to make a quick buck from its popularity. Hundreds of websites have appeared, but the WSOP was still around in the days when serious poker was being played. It was not a fad. It was high-quality poker.

Men used to smoke cigars and sip whisky as they surveyed their rivals back in the day. This game was for men such as Nicolas Dandolos (also known as Nick the Greek and Benny Binion). These two poker and gambler champions were back in the 1940s. No wonder Nick the Greek approached Binion in order to arrange a top-level match. Johnny Moss, the champion of poker players, was challenged by Nick.

Binion accepted the plan and set up the match between Dandolos & Moss. Binion held the event in public to draw attention, but that was only one exception. It was to be displayed and viewed as a marathon. Five long months of negotiations and compromises later, all parties decided to continue the match. In 1949, the World Series of Poker was created. The event was exhausting and players had to take breaks to rest. Moss won the tournament and took home $2 million cash. This is almost enough to pay for the entire casino's worth in 1949.

Binion decided nearly 21 years later to give the WSOP a try again. It was 1970 and he declared it the WSOP. Johnny Moss did it again and took the pot.

Binion was aware that he had something special in the poker industry. From then on, he continued to host the World Series of Poker every year. In 1982, 104 of the best poker players had signed up for WSOP. In 2006, poker is a booming craze and everyone thinks they are the next great gift for poker. The main event attracted 5,619 participants last year. The number of participants is expected to rise to over 8,000 this year. While the size of the WSOP may have changed, the quality of the event has not. It is the most anticipated and largest poker tournament for poker players. The History of Poker