Cheat sheet and poker-hand rankings chart (strongest up to weakest).

Common poker-hand ranking system is the backbone of all poker games. It classifies the relative strength of different poker hands to help players decide which hand is the best.

It's used in poker-based games like 3-card poker and Texas Holdem, which are hugely popular. If you want to win, it is crucial that you know this information.

Scroll down to see our guide to poker-hand rankings.

Ranking poker-hands: From strongest to weakest

  1. Royal flush

The poker-hand rankings rank the royal flush as the best possible hand. It has five consecutive cards from the same suit, ranging in value from 10 to ace.

  1. Straight flush

Straight flushes are five consecutive cards in the same suit with sequential values that are not part of a royal flush. It cannot be beat by a royal flush, or any other straight flush that includes higher-ranking cards. Four of a kind

You can use the same card in all four suit. The highest card on your table or in your hand completes the five-card hand.

  1. Full house

A hand that contains the same value cards in three different suits (three-of-a-kind) and separate pairs of the same rank cards in two different suits. If more than one player has a full hand, the winning hand is that with the highest or highest three-of-a-kind value.

  1. Flush

Five cards from the same suit, in any order. The winning poker hand is one that has two players flush.

  1. Straight

Five cards with sequential numerical values, each consisting of five cards from more than one suit. A king's ace is usually ranked high, or low (below 2), but it can be used in both hands.

  1. Three of one

A poker hand that contains three cards of the exact same rank in three different suit suits. Complete the hand with the two highest cards available, plus the three of a type.

  1. Two pairs

Two sets of cards with matching ranks. Complete the hand with the highest-ranking remaining card.

  1. Pair

A pair of cards with the same rank and in different suits. The remaining cards in the hand are formed using the highest-ranking cards.

  1. Card with high limit

The lowest-ranked hand. Your 'best hand' is the highest-ranked card in your hand. It is the king of spades in this instance.

You can save the poker-hand rankings cheatsheet to your desktop or mobile device. This will allow you to play physical and online poker until you have committed the rankings to your memory.

Poker hand rankings: "Hi" games, "Lo" games and "Hi-Lo".

Not all poker games determine the best hand based on which hand is highest in the poker hand rankings. There are three possible poker-hand rankings that determine the best poker hand for most game types.

High-hand or hi-handed poker

The simplest use of rankings is the 'Hi' game. These games determine the best hand by determining which hand ranks highest on the chart.

Examples of commonly used examples are: Texas Holdem and Seven-Card Stud

Low-hand, or lo poker

Lowball poker-hand ranking inverts the normal poker-hand rankings so the lowest-ranking hand can be the best. Low-hand poker versions can differ depending on whether the ace has a high or low rank and whether straights or flushes are included.

Examples of commonly used examples are: Razz

Split poker: Hi-lo and high-low

High-low split games is the third method of ranking poker hands. The pot is divided between the highest-ranking player and the lowest-ranking player.

Examples of commonly used examples are: Hi-Lo

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