Stock Madness 2005: Home Depot vs. Cryptologic

Which deck do YOU prefer: The one you make with hammer & nails or the one you gamble on?

The Motley Fool's 2005 Stock Madness contest features the following article. It is loosely based on the NCAA College Basketball Tournament (a.k.a. March Madness. Our analysts and writers will be competing head-to-head for 64 stocks. They'll argue and advocate for them from March 17 through April 4. Dear readers, you are the referees and fans. You'll read the exciting duels, then vote for which stock you believe is the best investment. The company that wins six of the "games" will be our tournament champion and its writer will be our most valuable coach.

Please do not be fooled: "Stock Madness 2005” is a GAME!

This is a hobby for our writers. They enjoy the challenge and debate. They enjoy looking for positives and negatives in companies they have drawn...and in the companies against which they are battling. These stocks are not necessarily the best. You must decide if the stocks we write about, winners or losers, are worthy of your investment dollars. Playing Poker Online