Texas Hold em Game Rules

Card Game Rules

Texas Hold'em Poker, a casino-type game, is where you aim to get the best hand from a group. The game's name comes from the fact that players are given two cards (called "hole cards") at the beginning. The players then attempt to create the best five-card hand from their initial holes and five community card hands.

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Ranking of Hands

Here is a list of hand rankings, ranked from lowest to highest:

High Card - If there are no pairs, the highest card wins.

One Pair

Two Pair

Three of a Kind

Straight- Five consecutive cards of different suits.

Flush - Five cards of the same suit.

Full House - Three of one kind and a couple

Four of a Kind

Straight Flush - Five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Royal Flush- Ace through 10 of the same suit.


Texas Hold'em has three roles. They rotate clockwise after every game.


An initial Dealer must be selected before the game can begin. Each player receives a card from the shuffled deck. The first Dealer is the one who gets the highest number of cards. A repeated deal can break ties. To illustrate the title, the Dealer is presented with a token or button. The Dealer will shuffle the deck, and then the dealer will turn the clock clockwise so that the dealer cuts the card. The Dealer will then move on to the next step of play, as described below.

Left Blind

The Left Blind refers to the player who is oriented clockwise to the dealer. They place the initial wager before anyone else receives their cards.

Right blind

The player who is clockwise to the Left blind is called the Right Blind. They must double their bet on the Left Blind.

How to Play

The Dealer gives two cards to each player after the Blinds have added to their pot. Texas Hold'em allows players to make five moves with each round. They can fold, check, bet, call, or raise.


Players can fold by giving up their hand and losing any bets that they have placed in the game.

Check out

Players can make a wager to check the outcome. If there have been no bets in the round, checks cannot take place.

Place a bet

Players can place any amount they believe equals the value of their hand in a bet. The stakes for the round are determined by the first bet.


Calls are made by placing a wager equal to the amount of their previous bet.


Players can raise by placing a larger bet than their previous one.


Texas Hold'em has five rounds: Pre-Flop (Flop), Turn, Turn, River and Showdown.


After the Dealer has dealt two cards to everyone the dealer has given the right to each player to choose to fold, call, or raise their previous bet. The clockwise play continues around the table.


The Dealer places three community cards in the middle of each table at the beginning of the Flop round. Normal play begins with the dealer clockwise moving towards the player.

Turn/Fourth Street

The Dealer places a fourth card into the community at the beginning of the Turn Round or Fourth Street.

River/Fifth Street

The Dealer places the fifth and final card in each community at the beginning of the River Round.


Players must turn their cards if there are still players after the River Round. The highest hand will win the pot.

The round ends when the Left Blind, Dealer and Right Blind turn clockwise. How to play texas is?