Bingo: The Different Types of Bingo

Bingo games: The coverall: This is the most popular variant of bingo night. To win, you must complete the entire grid.

Model-based Bingo: You don't need to fill out the entire grid, but you only need to create a model to win. Models could include a combination of vertical, horizontal and oblique lines. There are many models, and each one is different. The "template" is completed by the first player.

The Bingo with 75 Balls: The starting urn has 75 balls and numbered 1 through 75. The 75 balls are divided into five columns of 15 numbers. Each column bears one letter of BINGO. Grids are more commonly known in bingo as 25 boxes (5X5) with numbers ranging from 1 to 75 randomly chosen.

The goal is to fill the pre-defined model first. Horizontal, vertical lines ,... and randomly selected shaded boxes are all options. The jackpot is usually given to the player who completes his template before the number of balls are released.

90-ball Bingo: The starting urn includes 90 balls. They range in number from 1 to 90. These boxes are known as ticket and contain 27 numbers, divided into 9 columns with 3 lines. Each player receives 6 tickets with numbers ranging from 1 to 90, in each of the 9 boxes. The remaining four boxes are empty. Filling one, two, or three lines of the same ticket will earn you a win. A player who fills three lines on a ticket before the number of balls are released is eligible for a jackpot.

Online bingo: The various variants

Online bingo is similar to traditional bingo. There are two basic variants of online bingo and one more. The two most popular are 90-ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. Speed bingo is another variant of virtual bingo.

Although virtual casinos may use numbers instead of balls, the name Ball is still a part of classic bingo.

Bingo with 90 balls

This is the most popular variant of online bingo in France and around the world. It features 90-ball bingo with 90 numbers. You must first buy one or more cards (maximum 10) to begin playing this form of bingo. Each card contains 27 boxes. Each box has a number from 1 to 90.

Each ball is marked with a number from 1 to 90. These balls are randomly drawn one after another. The player will check the card each time a number appears on it. The online casino site will typically tell you that your card is complete within three numbers. There are three options for winning a lot in this form of bingo: with a complete line, with two lines or with the card full (the combination that offers the highest win rate). If there is a tie, the prize money will be split among the winners.

Bingo with 75 balls

This variant uses 15 fewer balls than the previous one. Each card has 25 boxes, 24 of which have a number and one empty box.

Like 90-ball bingo, a random number is drawn.

This type of bingo has a big difference in how you win. In 75-ball bingo, the rules for winning are predetermined by default.

Speed bingo

Speed bingo is a quicker version of traditional bingo. This game is played with only 30 balls and smaller cards (9 boxes). This bingo game is fast and can be completed in under 5 minutes. These gains are usually smaller than traditional versions.

This form of bingo is growing in popularity at online casinos. Its speed and simplicity ensures a bright future.

There are many variations of bingo that offer different game options to suit all tastes. It is important to try different styles of bingo and find the one that suits you best.