The Roulette Strategy That Works

Roulette is about predicting which number or color the ball will land on, after the wheel has spun. Although luck plays a huge role in the outcome of roulette, there are some winning tips and strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

This article will explain how to play roulette in both online and real casinos.

It is simple to implement and easy to learn.

Hint: Always play European Roulette with single zero if possible. This is because you have a better chance of winning than American Roulette with double zero.

To achieve the best results, this roulette betting strategy should be done in stages. Let's say we want to use $1 denomination chips. You can buy a stack of $20 chips and then break it into five stacks, each with four chips. You now have 5 stacks of chips and 5 lines.

You have a better chance of winning if you cover 5 of the 6 available lines. If you win, 4 x 5 = 20 Chips plus your winning wager (4 Chips), giving you a total of 24 Chips. This is a good start, so let's move on to the next stage.

Divide your 24 chips in half to create two stacks each of 12 chips. To cover the remaining two dozens, you will place one in each of the dozens and one in the other. If the ball falls on one of your covered dozens, you win 2-1 and will receive 24 chips plus 12 additional from the winning wager. This gives you 36 chips to chill.

Divide the 36 chips you have in your hand among 6 stacks, each stack having 6 chips. Next, cover 6 corners bets with the 6 chips stack. Make sure to spread them as evenly as possible and not double up on any one number.

If you win, you'll get 6 x 8 chips = 48 chips. You also get your winning bet (12 chip) and 54 chips total.

Notice - You won't have the ability to arrange the chips in stacks with online roulette. Instead, you will need to place 6 separate bets each of 6 chips.

There are 12 possible street betting outcomes. Place your stacks on 9 of the 12 to cover the majority of possible outcomes. You will win 6 x 11, which is 66 chips, plus 6 chips from the winner's bet. This gives you 72 chips.

Stage Five – Arrange 14 stacks of 5 chips each, and stake them on 14 split bets.

Split the 72 chips into 16 stacks. Each stack will contain 5 chips. Two chips will remain. As an insurance policy, place the 14 stacks into 14 of the available bets.

Split bets are where you win 5 x 17 chips. The other 5 will be from the winner bet. Now you have 90 chips.

Stage Six – Arrange 22 stacks of 4 chips each, and stake them on an up-to-the-mark bet.

From the $20 initial buy-in, we were able to collect 90 chips ($90). We can now decide to pay out but we need to play one more time in order to maximize our profits... lolz

Let's make the big bet on Roulette: the straight-up one. You can split the 90 chips between 22 stacks of four chips each, while two chips will remain.

Time to place your bets. Place the 22 stacks on 22 straight-up bets. Then, place the two remaining chips on any empty numbers (one chip per emptynumber) to provide insurance (in case the ball falls on one of them). You can then use the return to start the system again.

You will win 4x35 = 140 chips and 4 chips in the winner's bet, thereby accumulating total of 144 chips.

Racing from $20 to $144 is an investment that will return a lot of money and it's worth taking the chance.

You now have a working roulette system. Now, make some money.

IMPORTANT! Important! It was written by a player. I am only publishing it as an example. It doesn't work. Here's why. . . Notice that the strategy didn't even attempt to predict the winning number.

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