Lotto Magic That Is: The Magic in Numbers

Voila! You can play the Florida Lottery anywhere you are in the world and make money! So that's what I was told. This is a brilliant idea. What if your personal numbers don't come in to make it a winner? You don't have to worry about it, as there are seven (7) players assigned to your team immediately after you sign up. In that case, you will automatically receive 10% of each player's winnings. What if your numbers didn't make it? But one player on your team won, let's say $5,000? This means that you automatically receive 10% of $5,000. This amounts to $500.00 for me.

This One Works! I continued reading. This matter was a subject I wanted to explore further. I am very detail-oriented and like to thoroughly research any topic that interests me. I then read some of the Testimonials.

"LOTTO MAGIC paid $7,150 for the eight months from May to December 2004. LOTTO MAGIC gave me $14,075.02 for the months January through July 2005. This is an average monthly payment of more than $2,000.00. This is net after they withhold $50.00 each month for the next play." G.D. Stephens Durham, NC.

"We joined LOTTO MAGIC November 2001. Our monthly check exceeded our combined Social Security retirement benefits by August 2002. Retired people can rely on LOTTO MAGIC to deliver their commission checks on time. "We love LOTTO MAGIC!" Gene C. and Elaine C. Raytown, MO.

Further research led me to the following:

LOTTO MAGIC DOES NOT CONVINCING OR SELL, NO PHONE CALLS or MEETINGS, and NO CONFERENCE CALLS. This one works! It's simple and straightforward! (Sounds just right for me!)