"This ELottery Syndicate Works!"

Do You Want a Higher Chance of Actually Winning the ELottery

The best way to increase your chances of winning is through lottery syndicates.

There are many ridiculous ideas on the internet about how to predict lottery numbers or analyze past results. The truth is that buying more tickets is the only way to beat the odds.

Double your chances of winning if you buy two tickets. You have 50 chances of winning if you buy 50 tickets.

Simple. It is costly to buy 50 or 100 tickets for yourself. Too expensive.

It makes perfect sense to join a lottery syndicate.

Instead of spending all the money on your own, you can join forces to share the cost.

You must share the winnings. It's better to share a small portion of the jackpot prize than all of it.

A good player will balance the size and size of the group against the jackpot. You will still receive a satisfying lump of cash even if you win.

It's not a good idea to join friends or coworkers who aren't interested in the same game as you!

Or if the group size is too small. Or the organizer is too chaotic.

If you've ever been in a group that the manager forgot to buy tickets for one week, you'll know what I'm talking here!

This is why online syndicates are possible.

This is great as it offers you many more games to choose from.

This site focuses primarily on UK-based games. If you are looking for a UK Lotto syndicate or EuroMillions syndicate, then this is the right place.

How about starting my own group?

It's possible, but do not underestimate the work involved.

This is what you will see if you have ever done it. It takes time to collect the money, buy tickets, payout winnings, and deal with all the nitty-gritty questions.

There's also the problem of people joining and leaving.

This is why I suggest that you join a different group.

As long as they can run it well.

Professional syndicates are clearly very skilled at this. However, amateur groups might not be as good. They can be fantastic, sometimes even great, for a time until motivation runs out.

I have seen many small, one-man businesses start and then close within a short time span. This was simply because they did not realize how hard it would be.

Amateur route is certainly cheaper, or should be! ).

You have to balance that against reliability, motivation, being in touch with someone if you have any questions, and just general feeling of reassurance.

This comfort level varies from person to person and I cannot tell you which one is right for your.

By providing detailed syndicate reviews, I can only tell you which are the best for players in UK.

Get involved to find the right group.

You can also contact me if you have questions about reviewing a lotto ticket or any other lottery-related issues.

We appreciate your interest.

The Reviews

Here's my Top of the Pops Comparison of the Best Online Lottery Syndicates.

Researching and comparing syndicates has taken a lot of time. I even had sneaky conversations with their owners to find out more. Then, I joined and played with the best ones. If they are clearly untrustworthy, I didn't even consider joining them. ).