What is poker really all about?

Many people have a wrong view of poker, whether they are new or experienced players. This observation is not surprising given the complexity of poker and its past reputation. Some believe poker is all bluffing. Others think it's all about luck. Many people still view poker as a gambling activity, even though they live in basements with flickering lights and cigarette smoke. Others may see poker as a quick way to make money.

While poker might not be for everyone, and there may not be one right answer, this article will provide more insight into poker.

Decisions, decisions...

Poker is a game about making decisions. You have a greater chance of being a winner if you make better decisions. It is about making correct decisions while allowing your opponents make mistakes. This is how you win poker. David Sklansky (a poker expert and -ity) defined a poker mistake as making an incorrect decision.

However, even though you might know exactly which cards your opponent has, it's not always clear what the correct decision should be. In addition to the information you have about your opponent's cards, it is also possible that you don't know what their reaction will be. You could make a mistake in poker if you don't know the cards or the reaction of your opponent. It would lead to a different play from the 'optimal play.