WWE NXT WarGames 2021: Results, News and Notes December 5, 2021

WWE NXT WarGames announced two WarGames matches and the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships. There was also the WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

This week's WWE NXT WarGames go-home show attracted 637,000 viewers.

WWE WarGames 2021 Match Card

Dakota Kai and Toxic attraction vs. Raquel Gonzales, Cora Jade and Io Shirai - Women's WarGames

Von Wagner and Kyle O'Reilly vs. IMPERIUM - WWE NXT Tag Team Championship

Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson - Hair vs. Hair

Roderick Strong vs. Joe Gacy--WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Team Black and Gold vs. Team 2.0--Men’s WarGames

Last week, 603,000 viewers tuned in to WWE NXT.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Io Shirai and Cora Jade are Kaylee Ray, Kaylee Ray, Raquel Gonzalez, and Kaylee Ray def. Dakota Kai and Toxic Attraction - Women's WarGames

This match was basically a kendo stick and sword fight.

Another sign of times in NXT was the fact that Io Shirai was inexplicably underused in this match.

Cora Jade was a part of this match as a way to reclaim her dormancy and lost weeks.

IMPERIUM def. Von Wagner and Kyle O'Reilly - WWE NXT Tag Team Championships

Although it is a low bar I have never been more impressed with Von Wagner.

This match was a great one.

Although the match ended in a great way, I couldn't care more about either side.

Von Wagner's heel-turn was what everyone saw coming. But it will also lead to a feud nobody wants.

Cameron Grimes def. Duke Hudson--Hair vs. Hair

I was expecting a poker-themed entrance for Duke Hudson. But, I guess NXT's pageantry has been overtaken by its TakeOver nameake.

The match was just what it should have been, except that Cameron Grimes had a chat with WWE legend Ted DiBiase. I was hoping for a cameo from Brutus Beefcake "The Barbrer".

Roderick Strong def. Joe Gacy--WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship

This match looked way better than it actually was due to the video package. However, I enjoy Joe Gacy winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and rebranding.

Wade Barrett is a great advocate for Joe Gacy.

Roderick Strong winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship may seem like a relief, but I see Gacy eventually winning this title. It is impossible to refuse the idea of an all-inclusive satirical championship.

Team 2.0 def. Team 2.0 def.

Although he was a popular heel, LA Knight is viewed as a very ineffective babyface.

Johnny Gargano was seen strutting to the "This Rebel Hart" theme song, which could have been another indication that this might be his last match.

Trick Williams almost threw Grayson Waller out of the ring when he tossed a chair in.

This was a five-on-4 match with Lumis under the ring.

LA Knight's babyface return when he was in the cage showed much more fire than his initial reaction to being a babyface.

Poor Bron Breaker spent hours trying to break through the chains surrounding the cage door.

LA Knight jumped impressively on the top rope to suplex Grayson Waller through a table. Waller's viral moment was when he flailing elbow on LA Knight caused another table to explode.

Bron Breakker pushed Tommaso Ciampa through the table midway through Willows Bell before beating him in middle of the ring.

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